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Steps to Selling Your Home

Selling a home might seem like a difficult task amidst a cooling real estate market, so Teresa Stamper is here to help. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you maximize the return on your home investment through an optimal sale price while decreasing its time on the market. To do this, it’s important to conduct a Home Valuation (CMA) on your property first and foremost. This comparative market analysis will help you answer the question, what is my home worth?

Selling your home takes more than a sign in the yard and an advertisement with a Realtor or listing service. You really have to consider how to differentiate your home in a competitive marketplace. Teresa Stamper will act as your advisor, negotiator and facilitator through the entire selling process. Choose someone like Teresa that you can trust to get your home in excellent selling shape and set at the appropriate price on the market.

Ready to sell? Remember these critical steps:

  1. The asking price is the number one factor in the sale of your home. Understand your price and be ready to set an appropriate price for your home.
  2. It’s important to recognize that every market is different. Property location is the second most important factor.
  3. Plan & prepare your home before you put it on the market. The condition of your property is also key, so get your home in tip-top shape before selling.
  4. You personally can’t control market conditions, so stay on top of the market.
  5. Contract terms are extremely important. Once you start negotiating with a buyer, the terms and conditions can make or break the sale.

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