Lake Travis Water Levels


Have you heard the expression “when it rains, it pours”? Of course you have. It can be literal or figurative, meaning either a sudden upsurge of activity in your life, or, at its most basic, lots of rain. Well, it is raining and pouring here at Lake Travis. Quite literally right now, and soon figuratively as well. Lakefront dwellers have been sighing in relief as the water has been tumbling down over the last few weeks – in fact, the lake has risen about 5.70 ft over the last 30 days alone. This is big cause for celebration for those who have witnessed “sometimes island” slowly assert itself into “always peninsula” over the last few years of hot and heavy drought.

Central Texas remembers the summer of 2011 very well – the lakes started drying up and the land caught fire, bathing us in a gruesome drought. Although conditions have improved throughout most of the region from active fire to normal heat, the infrequent and inefficient rainfall over the last few years has done nothing to alleviate the drop in lake levels. Until now.

We expect to see lakeside real estate value rise along with the water levels. For the last several years, the term “waterfront property” in regards to Lake Travis was a bit of a joke. People who originally purchased these homes for their proximity to the water and ability to dock and easily access their boats grew increasingly frustrated as the water vanished. Furthering homeowner’s woes was the corresponding drop in the value of their homes and property. As the lake swells and the shoreline inches closer to homes, however, property value will increase.

Although the recent rainfall and correlating uptick in waterfront property value is excellent news and a great way to kick off the summer season, it’s important to know that we aren’t entirely out of the weeds yet. There is still an overall deficit of about 44 feet – something that won’t go away overnight, or even over a few weeks. Water conservation is still key.

Keep tracking  Lake Travis water levels over the next few days – we’re hoping for continued good news!

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