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Buying or selling a home can seem like an overwhelming process, so we understand you want it to run as smoothly as possible. Finding the right real estate agent with the right intentions is an important step in alleviating this process. Since millions of newly licensed real estate professionals have entered this arena in the last decade, it might seem nearly impossible to separate the life long realtors from the “opportunistic” realtors who are not actively helping buyers and sellers. It’s important to look for someone who practices full time and not as a side activity to ensure you’re getting the help you deserve. Teresa Stamper has been a full time agent since 2002, dedicating herself fully to her career and helping clients.

Is Your Realtor Involved in Their Community?

Realtors are expected to offer a wealth of community information, so it’s important that your agent take pride in where they work. Active involvement in the area gives them a better understanding and appreciation of the area they are selling. Teresa Stamper is an avid volunteer member. She genuinely enjoys participating in her children’s booster clubs, sports, schools, church, and other community events that are great ways to enrich the area. Find a real estate agent that truly understands and involves themselves in the area in which they work.

A Good Realtor Makes it Easy!

Buying and selling real estate is a complex process that can seem a bit intimidating. It’s often overwhelming to simply figure out where to start. Each unique property requires different contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements, and closing costs. Choose a real estate agent that will simplify this intimating maze of components before the panic sets in.  As a licensed state of Texas real estate agent, Teresa Stamper fully understands the buying and selling process and knows the area like the back of her hand. Teresa prides herself on making this journey as easy as possible for her clients and will surely expedite this process for you.

Select Your Agent First!

Most people unintentionally select their real estate agent backwards. They typically go to or, choose the home they wish to explore, and inadvertently “inherit” the realtor that is representing that house. However, it is extremely important to choose the right real estate agent first to let them help you search! They know the area, know where to search, and can more accurately navigate the system to find what you need. Find a realtor you can trust, one that truly understands what will work for you and your family. So look first to the people you trust, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member to see who they have used. Since you are employing the Realtor, don’t hesitate to think of your initial meet as an interview. Get a feel for your Realtor, and make sure they are the right fit and personality for you before making the decision.

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